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Dee, 22. Western NY. Music, movies, Wizard, Halloween everyday and my boyfriend.

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You’re just another set of bones to lay to rest

Fuck you and your new love for yourself

It don’t mean shit

Oh, I hear you breathing on the line
Oh baby boy, I’m not your type
I’ll leave you hurting every night
So I won’t be coming back
Who wouldn’t let me be all alone
Who wouldn’t let me be all alone
Who wouldn’t let you scream ohh to a soft pillow

I’m such an animal
And baby honestly these teeth won’t let you go

Can we lose our minds
And call it love for the last time?
My darling never rest
Until the darker gets
The best of all we had
Can the cold carry on?

When the light means nothing to you
Then no one would know
The sound of a ghost
And I might be perfect with you
But no one would know
So tell me, tell me

Told you why I see no need for the sun
(I’ve found a reason to say)
A love you light is a love soon gone
If this is it
Don’t bother cause this love is a lie
I’m a chemical kid
You’re a mechanical bride

So my sister and I went to Walmart. All the Christmas shit is on sale for 75% off, she got a pink tree, I got the purple one. I didn’t have any ornaments that matched the color, so this is what happened. Whatever CD’s I had around along with album art.
I love it.

Out of sight out of mind, I was never even there.

Okay so,

Anyone that went to the Collide With The Sky tour, did Pierce The Veil play One Hundred Sleepless Nights? 

And it’s good enough to make me wanna fall in love.
So move a little bit closer,
hear the sound of your voice.
We’re screaming, “why can’t we just be friends?”
It’s not that easy but it’s half of the fun,
to see you throw the first punch.

I’ve got so much to give,
but I would kill just to feel less invisible.
And you’ve got so much to learn about gravity.
So live it up baby, don’t look down.
Live it up baby, don’t look down…

If you haven’t,

Listened to Collide With The Sky high, you have not lived yet.

PTV for life

Is the a Pierce The Veil version?

Anyone selling a ticket to the Collide With The Sky tour on Nov 1st (NYC)? 

If so please message me!

And if that doesn’t turn you on, I’ll keep talking till something does

If anyone

Is selling a ticket to the Nov 1st NYC show for the Collide With The Sky tour please let me know. I’ll pay double what you paid at this point.

I’ll be posting the everyday too.

No joke. Message me.

Out of sight, out of mind. I was never even there.